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Liam Rose

Health Economist

VA Palo Alto, Health Economics Resource Center

Stanford - Surgery Policy Improvement Research and Education Center

Works in Progress

Health Insurance and Access to Care for the Near Elderly (With Michael Anderson, Carlos Dobkin, and Nicole Maestas)

How Does Medicare Eligibility Affect Choice and Utilization?: Evidence from Veterans (With Marion Aouad and Todd Wagner)

Is Low-Value Care Really Low Value? Evidence from Prostate Cancer Screening

Hotelling’s Minimum Differentiation Principle in a Continuous-Time Experiment with Price and Location Choices (With Ciril Bosch-Rosa and Curtis Kephart)


The Effects of Skilled Nursing Facility Care: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Medicare. L Rose. American Journal of Health Economics (2020)

Retirement and health: Evidence from England. L Rose. Journal of Health Economics (2020)

Automated Enforcement of Irrigation Regulations and Social Pressure for Water Conservation J West, R Fairlie, B Pratt, and L Rose Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2021)

Examining Effects of Extractive Institutions in the United States. L Rose and A Shepard. Economics & Politics (2022)